Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays from Nallie!

Hello to those of you seeking news about Nate and Allie's wedding—

As I let the hours wind down on the clock at work before my five-day fory to the Midwest, I've decided to actually post something on the wedding blog.

Wednesday, I said goodbye to those of my co-workers who were smart enough not to work the rest of the week and was asked, "so, will you be doing any wedding planning during your break?"

"Hell no," I replied, planning to spend it watching football and basketball instead.

However, I have reconsidered my position. I am now scheduling the following goals to be accomplished by Dec. 27:
-- Ask people what they are looking for in a hotel
-- Schedule appointments to view some possibilities for a hotel
-- Review potential DJs for the party
-- Consider the possibility of not hiring a photographer
-- Check my checklist

And my goal is to do all this while in Iowa. Can I do it? Definitely maybe.


Clinton surpassing Barack among Nallie's wedding party

In a recent poll, Clinton won over Barack among Nallie wedding partiers. Upon further questioning, it was discovered that most of the party thought they were choosing between Clinton Portis and Barack Obama.

After hearing this news Allie commented, "I am happy to hear about the support for the Redskins among my closest friends. But can we discuss the implications of this after the holidays? I've still got presents to buy, wedding plans to make, a princess to kill, and Gilder to blame for it all."

-Correspondent report