Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Christmas in August?

How the weeks go by so fast. On deck this week has been gift registering. Is that a noun? Spell check doesn't flag it so I'll run with it.

I kind have a guilt thing going on in registering for gifts, but it has gone OK so far. Well, the first day didn't go so great. We want to Target and only picked out five things. Probably going back this Sunday to add to the list.

Just got back from Crate and Barrel where we managed to pick out nearly two dozen items. We have been cooking a lot lately so maybe some of this stuff will be useful.

Not sure where else we will register but will have a final list up here by Memorial Day. Also think we are picking out the rings this weekend. I'm just now realizing that whatever I pick is going to be on my finger until I die, so I guess I better take it seriously.