Thursday, August 21, 2008

First batch photos

Hi all --

Met with the photographer last night and got photos. I uploaded them into a slideshow overnight (sorry, no captions yet) and just wanted to get them up ASAP. Eventually I'll have them better organized but here they are for now. I'm pretty happy with them.

Click the colorful link in the bottom right of the slideshow to get a closer look.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Two weeks and still going strong

Sorry for no action on the blog lately; we will have to decide what it's long-term future is. In the short-term I am planning to post a recap of the honeymoon and the wedding on Wednesday. In short, the honeymoon was fun.

I'm also trying to get together in one place all the photos that everyone had from the weekend. Hopefully that will be done and up by Labor Day.

In the meantime, I'm also working on a new blog (SoBo Football) that should be fully operational by Aug. 26. Check it out and leave comments.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank you!

We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who was part of this wonderful weekend. We had a lot of fun.

We are off for our honeymoon today, and will have more to say when we get back.

If you post photos or have some you would like to e-mail us, that would be great!

Love you all,
Nate and Allie

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Behind the Bachelor/Bacehlorette

Except for possibly some quick notes (like the one below about Restaurant Week), this will probably be Nate's last pre-wedding post. So now let's take you "Behind the Bachelor and Bachelorette" as Nate and Allie count down the final days before wedding week.

The story starts on a sunny Thursday morning, much sunnier than the previous night when groomsman Mark and Nate went to the Orioles game and got rained on (but scored free pennants). Luckily, it was the 25th anniversary of the Orioles last World Series championship, so former catcher Rick Dempsey was on hand to entertain the fans during the rainout with his patented antics.

Wedding attendee Andrew "A-Con" Conrad (seen below) also helped pass rain delay time by engineering a new travel bottle technology (patent pending, you'll have to see if he'll shares his secret spice).

After Nate dried out the next morning, he was ready to start his day. He started with a hearty bowl of generic Lucky Charms, while Allie opted for a more healthy breakfast. Or maybe they made pancakes with blueberries, either way they ate breakfast and were then ready to clean up the basement.

It seemed to be a mighty task, but they were able to conquer the disorganization. (Even though there was an argument about whether spiders should be killed because they are gross or whether they should be saved because they eat other pests.)

Basement before cleaning:


Later that evening, Allie was off to bridesmaid Lindsay "the Canton Hillbilly" Thomasson's house to design programs and place cards. As Allie and Lindsay pored over the details (and poured a little wine), fellow bridesmaid Becca and Nate were in the west Baltimore suburbs helping the Nighthawks improve their seeding in the Maryland Media Softball League playoffs with a 17-16, extra-inning victory keyed by a five-run seventh inning.

So, you're saying "Five runs in the seventh for a come from behind win? What a fluke. That could never happen again."


The Nighthawks followed up that performance last Thursday with another come-from-behind win on Tuesday, with a five-run, two-out rally in the seventh that resulted in a 7-5 playoff victory.

Let me tell you, if Accomac Caterers double-booked Preston Hall on Saturday and it came down to a good 'ol game of softball, I think the Sandstrom-McLeod wedding would go on as scheduled. I think Tessa is bringing the eye black to the wedding in case we have to rumble.

Several Nighthawks will be at the wedding but please allow them to finish their dinner before asking for autographs. Their Wednesday night semifinal playoff game will be on MASN3 at 6:15 tonight.

After the game last Thursday, Nate went over to Canton and approved of the programs drawn up by Lindsay, who has barely helped at all in getting the wedding ready. They were finished on Tuesday night. (Jeez Hillbilly, way to finally pull some weight).

With so much done on Thursday, you could hardly expect much to get done on Friday, what with Nate up at the crack of dawn to make sure the good people of Baltimore have an ample supply of Corona. Meanwhile, Allie was on the double shift at Phillips so the good tourist of Baltimore could have Filipino crabs. Not much else happened Friday, except Nate and Best Man Phil's Badger tickets came in the mail (see Friday's post).

Oh yeah, Friday was also possibly the day that Nate and Allie's new bamboo fencing was shipped from California. They bought it from a nice hippie named "Wavy Gravy."

The next day it was back to power shopping. After Nate and Allie finished fighting over the best way to get to the Towson shopping center on Putty Hill (definitely taking Northern Parkway to York to Stevenson), they purchased the final accessories for their bathroom. Sadly, they much-loved map shower curtain was retired in favor of a more so-called "matching" one. The Homer shower curtain hooks have also been put out to the pasture.

After Nate finished his Saturday night shift he also got to practice his dancing at a Christmas in July party hosted by wedding attendees Ken, T.J. and Pat. After Nate lost some money to Greg Dean gambling on beer pong at the party, he headed home, only to be defeated again by Mark and Angie at video bowling at neighborhood drinkery Taps.

Nate was ready to get over his bowling/beer pong losses on Sunday and head to the O's game, but he opted instead to go to Allie's parents' house to paint the bathroom, which now looks something like Michaelangelo's Sistien Chapel ceiling.

On Monday night, Nate practiced cooking for his fine guests while Allie was at work. He perfected the arts of making pork and beans as well as mac and cheese, so if you would like some at either the Sunday brunch at Nate and Allie's house or the dinner at Robert and Karen's (Allie's parents), make sure to let him know.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good news for foodies

So it is kind of bum timing that the Orioles are out of town during the wedding week for visitors, but I found one stroke of fortune for food lovers — it is Baltimore Restaurant Week. Basically, 90-some B-more restaurants, including the top 'o the line, are offering three-course dinners for $30.08. Some are also offering three-course lunches for $20.08.

Get the full details here.

Wedding week is here!

So, I had planned to write up a big weekend post, but instead I wound up getting caught up in a game of Scrabble at Becca's last night. I finished last in the heated contest, during which a fight broke out when Mark told Becca that remixer (think Puff Daddy) is not a word.

You may be asking yourself, what are you doing putzing around (I almost spelled putz last night, but instead went with hutzpah) when your wedding is six days away? I'll tell you, relax buddy, things are under control. The seating chart is done (send a check for $15 if you would like to be upgraded), we've killed the weeds in the backyard and I even made a trip to Bob and Karen's so their Sunday night guests can enjoy a newly painted bathroom. It looks great, and Allie's color-picking and my brushwork show we were truly meant for each other.

Allie and I even got a sweet deal on a hotel last night in the Pocono Mountains for our honeymoon.

So, in short, the wedding is pretty much here, I feel pretty much ready, and I am ready to celebrate with everyone!


Friday, July 25, 2008

An exciting announcment (for my brother and I) not related to the wedding

I came home from work today and saw the envelope sitting in the hallway. Return address: University of Wisconsin.

Like a kid getting a Nintendo 64 at Christmas, I quickly opened the envelope to see the glory inside: Phil's and my season tickets to Camp Randall stadium to watch the Badgers take down all challengers.

After I opened them, it looked something like this:

I also got a set of team player cards, another refrigerator magnet schedule and a book telling me about gameday rules and regulations

Can't wait for college football season. On Wisconsin!

OK, back to wedding stuff. You'll hear from me again later tonight or early Saturday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a difference a day off makes

I always find I'm amazingly productive when I have a weekday off. That was the case today, as I went through "Operation: Clean the House and Finish Projects You Have Been Delaying."

In the kitchen, I successfully repainted the areas that were recently dry-walled, although I failed to finish installing a set of new, shinier, not-covered-with-paint locks on the door. Don't worry, it's aesthetic changes only and the current locks keep the bad guys out of the house (if not away from my chairs).

Later that day, Allie and I got some megashopping done after she finished with work, including picking up a sweet guest book for a steal of a price and securing a present for one of the bridesmaids. It was CENSORED.

Damn state-owned media stopping all leaks.

Meanwhile, I have the day off wedding work tomorrow. A full day shift at Wells, followed by Turn Back the Clock Night at Camden Yards, as long as it doesn't rain. You're on that one, Jim.

Blog Guest of Honor

Dear Nallie constituents,

I, Lori M. Evans, esq., was extremely honored to be invited to join in on the Bachelorette party fun! After learning about the Nallie 08 Blog I just had to be a guest blogger and share some bachelorette party antics! However, I didn’t want to give away too much of Allie’s last weekend of freedom so I’m not going to tell you about the 27 male strippers that we hired or about spending the night in jail…

we’ll leave Allie some of her secrets. Instead I have compiled my top 10 ten list of events that occurred over the course of the weekend.

10. 6 ½ hour car rides with 5 girls in one small Honda Civic
9. Sudden outbreaks of Facial Hair
8. Tracy’s unfortunate foot incident
7. The Wasabi Pea Slinging contest that never had a chance
6. Allies use of the space in the Kitchen
5. The uninvited/ invited “butt smack”
4. “You’re not my Friend” bed-time stories
3. Getting Low Low Low Low Low Low Low
2. Hillbilly accusations
1. The Soon to Be Forever Famous “Shelboure Elevator Brawl”.

So there you have it folks! A very vague account of what went on in the Big Apple this past weekend. Should you care to know any more about any of these “top ten” please feel free to ask any of the Bridesmaids (although I don’t recommend it… sometimes it’s better not to know). As for me I am keeping my mouth shut but I will leave you with one more thought about the weekend – and Allie this is directed at you:

Apple Bottom Jeans,
Jeans Boots with the fur, With the fur
The whole club was lookin at her
She hit the flo, She hit the flo
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low
Them baggy sweat pants
And the Reeboks with the straps, With the straps
She turned around and gave that big booty a smack [Ayy]
She hit the flo, She hit the flO
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low

See you all at the Wedding!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

12 Days Away

Well, the focus for Nallie has turned to putting some finishing touches on the house the next few days. Meanwhile, the rumor is we'll have at least one guest blogger filling in, and possibly one of our originators posting some thoughts.

With me under state censorship, will they spill the beans about the bachelorette party weekend?

Meanwhile, I found out about an interesting nugget for you HBO fans while driving up Key Highway today (pays to buy groceries in four places.) According to its marquis, the Baltimore Museum of Industry currently has an exhibit up on "The Wire."

P.S. You may notice we have a new picture on our page. It's from Gary and Tami's awesome July 4 firework display. I lifted it off Tami's MySpace page, so take that MySpace haters!