Monday, July 21, 2008

12 Days Away

Well, the focus for Nallie has turned to putting some finishing touches on the house the next few days. Meanwhile, the rumor is we'll have at least one guest blogger filling in, and possibly one of our originators posting some thoughts.

With me under state censorship, will they spill the beans about the bachelorette party weekend?

Meanwhile, I found out about an interesting nugget for you HBO fans while driving up Key Highway today (pays to buy groceries in four places.) According to its marquis, the Baltimore Museum of Industry currently has an exhibit up on "The Wire."

P.S. You may notice we have a new picture on our page. It's from Gary and Tami's awesome July 4 firework display. I lifted it off Tami's MySpace page, so take that MySpace haters!

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Mark said...

MySpace boooooooooo!