Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two weeks left of bachelor/ette-hood

So I'm sitting here shirtless with a baseball game on a television and another on the computer. There are dishes that need to be done, empty beer cans on the desk and laundry that should be picked up.

Allie's away at her NYC bachelorette party this weekend; meanwhile I am definitely bachelor-ing it up here by myself (though I am going down to spackle and paint in the kitchen later.)

Despite the recent parties and final celebrations of single-ness, I can hardly wait for these last two weeks to pass before the wedding. Of course everyone (even me) makes the jokes about cold feet, but I am really excited to get married.

Allie and I are probably not in the typical situation, having lived together for more than five years, as well as having bought a house together and sharing a bank account. Because of that, it is hard to imagine that things will change very much after we get married. Most of my friends joke that I already am married.

Despite all that, Allie and I actually getting married I think is still an important way for us to show our commitment for each other. We both have shown that commitment many times over the past few years, but marriage to me represents kind of an ultimate declaration that we will be together for as long as we live. I feel great about that.

I am also excited to celebrate with everyone who can make it to the wedding. My friend Mike Swarbrick found out last night that he will be able to fly from Portland to make the wedding, just in time for the deadline I have to turn into the caterer on Monday. I have to double-check with Allie but I think we're going to have about 125 people. Hopefully in their dancing shoes (or planning to dance in bare feet!)

I'm also relieved to start getting many of the details out of the way. I can really see things coming together. I'm sure there will be some gaffes and stressful moments, but I think it is going to be a great day!

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