Thursday, July 10, 2008

Countdown ... 22 days, and almost 21

Hi all --

Sorry not to get all the tourist info up, but trust me it is being collected with a firm posting deadline of Monday.

Best news of all is the plumber was out today and got our new sink and vanity in. We love it. Pictures soon.

It's the end of night and I'm dead tired before heading off to Rehboth for the weekend. We'll be back Sunday night with a thorough post and the beginnings of tourist info.

Last two nights have been softball for me, but the old Nighthawks fell in both of them, including a 6-5 heartbreaker on Weds. Dropped 22-10 to undefeated team tonight. The Homerun Hunters will have to bounce back on Sunday as they go for the 2-seed in the upcoming playoffs.


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