Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding week is here!

So, I had planned to write up a big weekend post, but instead I wound up getting caught up in a game of Scrabble at Becca's last night. I finished last in the heated contest, during which a fight broke out when Mark told Becca that remixer (think Puff Daddy) is not a word.

You may be asking yourself, what are you doing putzing around (I almost spelled putz last night, but instead went with hutzpah) when your wedding is six days away? I'll tell you, relax buddy, things are under control. The seating chart is done (send a check for $15 if you would like to be upgraded), we've killed the weeds in the backyard and I even made a trip to Bob and Karen's so their Sunday night guests can enjoy a newly painted bathroom. It looks great, and Allie's color-picking and my brushwork show we were truly meant for each other.

Allie and I even got a sweet deal on a hotel last night in the Pocono Mountains for our honeymoon.

So, in short, the wedding is pretty much here, I feel pretty much ready, and I am ready to celebrate with everyone!



Karen said...

The bathroom looks great thanks to NALLIE. You two really are a match made in designer heaven. Karen

erica said...

SOOOO excited to see you guys this weekend! Can't wait.

Mark said...

1) Remix this
2) Chutzpah is spelled with a C. I don't know why I didn't challenge last night!

SeaL said...

Can't wait til Saturday.

Congrats Nate and Allie!