Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Countdown ... 23 days

23 is Allie's favorite number. I associate it too much with Michael Jordan and LeBron James, so I can't stand it.

Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm in store for a bad day. So far, it hasn't started out as bad as yesterday, when I went to take out the trash and found that someone broke into my backyard and stole my Redskins tailgating chairs (and their carrying bags!)

Guess I know something to add to our registry. I also think I may need to add a power saw, after spending about an hour sawing boards for the bathroom floor yesterday.

On a positive note, the plumber is coming Thursday morning to change out our bathroom vanity cabinet, which means if things go right the bathroom should be completely finished by next Tuesday.

I also found out yesterday that our caterers/event hosts, Wickeys, have been bought out. The new company is honoring our contract though, so I guess there's no worries. Allie is going to meet with them to finalize details on Friday.

Last night we were working on music and chose some classical music for the processional. However, we are thinking of going with something contemporary for the recessional — we just can't decide what.

Got any suggestions? Post them here.

I only have two full days of work left this week before I'm off to Rehoboth for a bachelor's weekend, so that's exciting. It may not be the most organized event ever, but we should still have fun. We are going on a tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery on Saturday, which should be a highlight.

If you're in Maryland, stay dry today!


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Rich said...

Loaded up iTunes and the first thing on random was "All My Loving" by the Beatles. Can't go wrong with the classics.