Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reception site, and therefore date, are getting nearer

Allie and I are looking at our third wedding reception site this weekend, at Preston Hall.

So far we have visited Chase Court, which is great but may be a bit small, and the Maryland Historical Society, which Allie likes less than me.

These seem to be the front runners in terms of meeting our goals budget-wise and still be located in Baltimore.

For those of you wondering why we've been engaged for four months and supplied zero information, here's your answer:

We haven't done much. But after a summer of travels I've rededicated myself. Preliminary date is Aug. 2, 2008, but until we book a reception site, that is subject to change.

More to come later.



abing said...

Bout time! I can't wait to go to Baltimore!!!

Lindsay said...

WWWHHHHOOOOO!!!!! Can't wait!!! Please tell me what I can do. You know I am so excited for you all to begin you venture together. Please call me anytime....I am here for you.

Love you!!