Monday, November 12, 2007

It's official — August 2, 2008 will be the greatest day in history

The wedding/reception site is booked and the party will be happening at Preston Hall in the historic neighborhood of Mount Vernon in Baltimore on Aug. 2.

Here's a photo via the Web:

Although it took us almost six months to get this far, I expect to accomplish much more in the next six months, particularly since college football is about to end.

Because I am bad at things like sending e-mails, calling people, keeping friends, etc., Team Nallie will be posting updates, polls, and perhaps witty musings on this site.

Although I'm awful at keeping up on blogs, my hope is that with the help of Allie and company this will win Blog of the Year by the time Allie and I get hitched. We will then retire.

I think I look enough like these Blog of the Year winners to pull it off.



Kim said...

Well, here is hoping the next six months is more productive, otherwise i am gonna slap down an awful big chunck of change on a plane ticket for a 8AM tailgaiting party ;-)

The Godfather said...

Great site guys!
Looking forward to the festivities leading up to the nuptials!