Tuesday, February 12, 2008

9 is Rhyme Time

Nallie has set out to drafting Save the Date cards. Here's the scoop: Rhymes will be involved. So will Clip Art and possibly some principals from Eric Meyer's design class, which I took in 2004.

I have no doubt he would be very disappointed in my final design.

Nonetheless I plan on mailing them to most of you. That means I need addresses! Post yours on the comments section if you would it them to be more easily perused by stalkers. Alternatively, text them to Nate or Allie on their cell phone numbers or e-mail them to natesandstromhotmail.com.

If I can figure out how to post a Word Document on here, or convert it, I will post a sneak preview of the card. Go Clip Art!


1 comment:

Erica said...

Go Clip Art? I am thinking go Erik Meyer!

Alas, it sounds like my save the dates (please note- Oct. 18) are going to be hella boring compared to yours. At least I know where to go for some rhyming inspiration.