Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ugliest Bridesmaids' Dresses Ever

Allie's foray into wedding planning unofficially began on Super Bowl Sunday. Coincidentally, Becca the bridesmaid, was planning on a proposal from Tom Brady after his Super Bowl win, so they thought they'd start planning together. Armed with notebooks and a spot-on Gisele Bundchen accent because that's what Becca thinks he likes about her, they headed to the Convention Center's Bridal Expo to learn about all things bridal.

Whoops. Things took a turn for the worse later that night for Becca's guy(s). But, Allie took away some valuable tips and goodies, including seven pounds of cake samples,

some badass accessories,

advice about registering,

and some info for Nate too!

Later that night, the half-time show wasn't bad either.

Nate opened for Allie.

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