Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here's hoping the weather cooperates

Having an August wedding in Baltimore means you are taking a risk that it will be extremely hot and humid. Combined with the inevitable chance of rain, Allie and I had decided fairly early that we probably wanted to keep most wedding activities inside.

However, outdoor wedding photos are always nice so a few weeks ago we decided to scout some possible outdoor photo sites. We swung by Mount Vernon Place (pictured left) and decided that the park's mix of scenic elements and urban features would be the perfect fit.

We met with the photographer and last night and he agreed. The parks department says that so far nothing is scheduled there that weekend, so our new plan is to meet here two hours early and get wedding party photos prior to the wedding. Now we just have to hope that the weather cooperates and that no one decides to be a jerk and interfere with the photos.


Mark said...

Don't worry, humidity is just a myth. It doesn't exist.

Kim said...

Hope no one is a "jerk" and "interferes" with the photos, aye? Hmmm, then why tell your cousins where they are going down...wait, why tell Phil ;-P