Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No news from me, but check out what the Brits think

Not much to update you about our wedding, but I don't want the blog to become stale simply because we are not meeting wedding planning benchmarks.

As a news man myself, I'll turn to the papers to entertain you.

Here's a story on British attitudes toward marriage with several interesting findings — including that Brits don't necessarily believe what they read (or are illiterate) and that most people see weddings for their party-dom more than their commitment-dom:

The survey exposes the decline in the importance of marriage with the finding that most people see weddings as an excuse for a party rather than a public declaration of lifelong commitment.

The average cost of a wedding may have soared to £17,370, but 53 per cent of people regard it simply as a celebration.

Despite a Government-funded media campaign three years ago, half of adults still wrongly believe there is such a thing as "common law marriage", which gives cohabitants the same rights as married couples.

If we in "the States" are anything like those in the U.K. I guess we have high hopes to live up to.

However, there's no way we're spending £17,370 — even if the economy is down. We also plan to say at least something about commitment during the wedding; hopefully that won't bring the party down too much!

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Anonymous said...

Any country that follows the Queen is OK with me, eh?