Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bridesmaid dresses

Sorry about the two-week hiatus. At least I've managed to become an Orioles season ticket plan holder and made moderate progress on the bathroom since I last posted.

But onto the wedding news. Kate, Kelly, Karen and Allie went wedding dress shopping last week, and have moved closer to selecting a bridesmaid dress — now the trick is picking a color.

Allie was initially leaning toward the dress in berry, but is concerned that it may clash with the carpet color at the reception hall (win, and yes, these are all colors.)

She is now considering the same dress in olivine.

Here is a look at the dress. You can click on the different colors it is available in on the Web page. You can see what the carpet at the reception hall looks like by clicking on images on the site's Web page.



Kim said...

Oh! Such drama...

Becca said...

Can we use your fancy Clip Art to stick bridesmaids' heads in the pictures to see who looks better in what?


(It's not funny, just an example)