Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Does your bathroom have a view?

Sure, wedding planning takes plenty of time. But why not take a few minutes to knock some holes in your wall in the meantime?

Bathroom renovation is in full swing this week. Here's the before pictures:

1) We've removed the stand beside the vanity

2) and the mirror

3) And there's a nice view of the office from within the bathroom. Perfect for hosting a puppet show

We'll post the after photos when we get there.

Other news on Fort Ave. includes a shooting down the street last night. I was at Lowes in White Marsh looking at wood trim so I didn't hear anything.

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Vicki said...

Well, if a mom is coming to town and there's a choice between wedding planning and wielding a power tool, sorry to say that the power tool will win. Although I did get to see the wedding hall (beautiful spot) and get the flowers all taken care of (thanks to Wollam Flower Farm & my good friend Suzy.)

As to the puppet show, funny you should mention that Nate. In junior high, Nate wrote his first play. It was about the rain forest and was a negotiated alternative to painting on the wall mural. A lovely script, and complete with his own handmade puppets: spotted owl (with a few real feathers); brown bat; 13 line ground school and boy. The puppets are now somewhere in his basement, so I suggest they show up on the blog performing a wedding tribute to Nate & Allie!