Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What a week...

Actually made some progress on the wedding over the weekend. Allie picked a dress, but she won't let me see it so I can't tell you about it. We went to one place we were considering for the rehearsal dinner, but we're probably ruling it out. Also almost have all the addresses.

Hotel is the next priority as well as nailing down some of the ceremony details. Sorry for the boring post, but actually doing wedding planning takes away some time from writing about what I'm not doing I guess.

We're meeting with a potential photographer tomorrow evening. Maybe I'll have something funny to say about that.



Vicki said...

even though it's been a "what a week" everywhere, I see you two had time to archive the comments....I preferred being able to scroll down and re-read all the charming details. Oh, well, progress abounds.

I did have an interesting experience trying to get your blogspot bookmarked on Dad's computer. The address wouldn't work, so I tried googling nallie08 and got a very interesting listing for "naughty allie". It must have been posted by Captain Toes in revenge for not having his wedding tuxedo chosen before her dress.

Rich said...

Hey, sweet blog. I got the invitation today in the mail. Looking forward to the wedding!