Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Praise for the U.S. Postal Service

I know many people complain about service at the post office, but I have to give the much maligned government agency some praise. I didn't drop off the Save the Date cards until Saturday, and by Monday people in Maryland were already getting them. What a deal for 26 cents!

Some may accuse us of having a pro-Post Office bias as both Allie and I have uncles in Illinois who worked for the postal service. If you think that's interesting (and who wouldn't?), here's some more Nallie fast facts.

• The Orioles hosted the Tampa Bay Rays for Opening Day on Monday. But did you know Nate and Allie's dating anniversary is marked by the Orioles-Rays game they went to on April 19, 2000. That game turned out a little better for the O's, with Cal Ripken hitting a walk-off ninth inning home run to win it 3-2.

• From that day, Nate and Allie would date for seven years, one month, and four days before becoming engaged. That's longer than the Seven Years' War!

• Nate assures you that the delay was not because of bleak predictions from astrologists like this one, which says Cancer and Gemini are "Not a match made in Heaven." Really, that doesn't describe us at all, stupid astrologists.

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