Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuxes picked, rehearsal dinner booked, making progress

We picked the tuxes for the wedding party tonight, which was less of a task than I anticipated. I've never been able to figure a way to show examples of the full ensemble online, maybe I'll just post links to individual pieces.

We booked the rehearsal dinner site on Monday it is at Red Star in Fells Point if you didn't read previous post.

The photographer and DJ have also been booked — that happened some time last week.

Take that, Knot checklist!

Meanwhile, it's the end of the month, which is the worst week of the month work-wise for both Allie and I. I'm proud to say that despite the down economy, good weather seems to have motivated people to keep drinking, which is in turn keeping my employed (and product coming in the door!)

This weekend is kind of up in the air for us. Allie is looking forward to gift registry on Sunday. I'm hoping that I can register the Wizards to get out of their hole against the Cavs, tonight was a good start.

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