Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Party! Party! Party!

That's not only the name of the place we bought our invitations, it describes how Nate and Allie, a/k/a Nallie, will spend three weekends sending off their pseudo-singleness.

The first event on this itinerary is a couple shower/engagement party at Nate's parents house on Saturday, June 21, tentatively scheduled from 2-5 p.m. at Nate's parents house at 3904 Oak Park Circle, in Waterloo, IA, 50701.

We know not everyone will be able to make it to the East Coast for the Aug. 2 wedding, but if some people would still like to give good luck wishes, please stop by the party. It will include free food and beer, so even if you don't wish us well you might as well take advantage.

Later that night, bachelor party #1 gets started. That's right, I get two bachelor parties. Awesome! Seriously though, since so many of my friends and family are spread out I thought it best to have parties in two different places. And, of cours, having two bachelor parties is awesome.

Groomsman Matt Schafer (seen below, left) is heading the Iowa efforts. I'm not sure what's in store for me. but as you can see, he and attendee Blaine can rock. Track him or me down if you would like to get in on this bash.

--Image should be here. Problem fixed soon?

The East Coast bachelor party is slated for the weekend of July 11 and 12 in Rehoboth Beach. I know we are planing to stay here and drink lots of beer here. Groomsman Mark Goldman (seen below) is running this show and has the details, so contact him or me if you want to party in Delaware.

--Image should be here. Problem fixed soon?

No formal invites on any of these. If you know about this blog you are welcome to go.

Allie gets down with her bachelorette party the following weekend in the Big Apple. I know there is karaoke involved and am otherwise staying out of the loop on this one.


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