Monday, April 7, 2008

Rehearsal dinner tryouts

Went to Red Star in Fells Point on Saturday evening as a potential rehearsal dinner site, and it fared pretty well with reviewers Allie, Mark and Becca.

Nate also liked his dish, sugar cane-skewed pork tenderloin with mango habanera salsa, but thought he should have gotten a larger portion.

Nonetheless, how many former brothel sites do you know that get overall high marks for their food? Red Star also has an isolated space upstairs that should accommodate our group of approximately 40. It also has free parking across the street, which is a definite bonus in Fells Point. There are also tons of bars for some nightlife in the area, for those interested in hanging out after dinner.

However, there are some potential pitfalls. One is that it is almost 2 miles from the hotel — still a short drive but too long for most people to walk. Secondly, as part of our impromptu visit, they didn't have anything on the menu that evening that is part of their group buffet offering. They can probably give us a sample before we decided to go with them.

Here's a look at their buffet options.

1) House salad with grapes and grape tomatoes with 2 dressings
Chicken breast marsala

Penne pasta with ricotta and marinara

Roasted flounder roulade with lemon butter

Chefs choice of fresh vegetable

Red and sweet potato hash with caramelized onions

Choice of house salad or Caesar salad station
Chicken and shrimp jambalaya with sausage and rice

Cheese or vegetable lasagna

Grilled London broil in rich mushroom sauce

Chef's choice of fresh vegetable

Roasted red potatoes with garlic and rosemary

3) Choice of house salad, Caesar, or spinach salad with strawberries and raspberry dressing
Herb roasted salmon with dill butter

Sautéed shrimp and mussel penne with asparagus and fresh tomatoes

Sesame chicken breast with orange ginger sauce

Sautéed tenderloin tips with wild mushrooms and port wine

Mini baked potatoes with traditional accompaniments

Chef's choice of fresh vegetables

#2 is probably out because Grilled London Broil is one of the options at the reception dinner (although Mark doesn't see this as an issue.)

Will probably try to hit a few of the last spots this weekend and then will make a decision.

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