Monday, April 7, 2008

Scoop! Nallie campaign headed to Iowa in June

Details are not yet confirmed, but this blog has learned that Nate and likely Allie plan to visit Iowa, one of 2008's most important campaign stops, at sometime in June in advance of the nallie 2008 wedding.

Although pundits speculate that residents of perhaps a dozen states will attend the Aug. 2 wedding celebration, current and former Iowa residents are likely to make up the greatest constituency of guests. They will also have the most dirt on Nate, should they find any reason this couple should not be bound in matrimony.

Some speculate that invited Hawkeye fans, sick of losing football games to the Cyclones, will conjure up vicious rumors to tear down former Iowa State attendee Nate, because, like Iowa football, they suck. Among them is Jim Butts, who also likes the Cubs and is an idiot.

One source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Nallie hopes to have more official details in place before formally announcing the visit, say the couple is planing to land on a runway in the middle of a cornfield, otherwise known as Eastern Iowa Airport.

The source said the couple is likely to arrive on Friday, June 20, and host a cookout at Nate's parents that weekend. Some form of bachelor party could also be in the works.


Becca D. said...

What are your feelings about Colombians?

Kent said...

Hey there,

you should not be dissin' the cornfield thing. Don't you know the future is totally biofuel, and one day, places like the eastern iowa airport will be the only place to go. .... can't you see it now, scarecrows with giant gas pump handles directly from the corn field into the airplanes....sort of space odyssey meets wizard of oz......


Matt Seal said...

Props to Nate for digging up a satellite photo of the Eastern Iowa corn/airfield! :)