Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's all about the paper

That's right, the "Save the Date" cards were printed Saturday and will be in the mail soon. Plus we got it done at Kinkos at an affordable price. As Dawn from The (British) Office would say: "It's not often you get something both romantic and thrifty."

Here's what it looks like on white paper, although the final version was printed on sandstone:

It's going to come as a postcard, although I'm not promising any calligraphy on the back.

Allie and mom Karen followed up the progress by selecting invitations on Monday. Should have a proof back this week.



Becca said...

Looks great, but my suspense is gone. I think you need to work on sponsorship for the blog - romantic and money-making.

Nate and Allie said...

What about Maryland Tourism? Showcase how awesome it is to get married in the Old Line State.